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What's in the Report:

Demographics on CrystalRoof


See what typical residents are like based on ethnicity, religion, family situation and life stage data. Compare demographics across all local areas in London.

Affluence on CrystalRoof


See wealth-related characteristics of the local residents like household income, social grade, qualification level. Also check whether the area is considered to be deprived.

Crime and Safety on CrystalRoof

Crime and Safety

Check the crime data. See what the crime situation is like in the selected location compared to other areas of London. Check what crimes took place near the selected postcode.

Transport Availability on CrystalRoof

Transport Availability

Check if the area has good transport links. See if the area is well connected based on the proximity of transport stations and the Public Transport Accessibility Level for each area.

Local Amenities on CrystalRoof

Local Amenities

Check if the area has the necessary amenities like shops, cafés, restaurants, gyms, pharmacies etc.

Schools on CrystalRoof


Check if the area has good-quality schools. See schools' Ofsted ratings and main performance indicators.

Noise on CrystalRoof


Check how much the area is affected by noise which may come from sources like traffic, aircraft, sirens etc.

Air Quality on CrystalRoof

Air Quality

See if the air quality meets the EU limits in the selected area.

Who CrystalRoof is for:

Landlords, Investors, who are looking to invest in property

Landlords, Investors

who are looking to invest in property

The service provides clarity on what sort of tenants your prospective investment will attract: whether they are families or singles, younger or older, high-income or low-income.

CrystalRoof also provides reach data to show how desirable the selected area is. No matter what your strategy is, desirability is the key factor for any successful property investment.

Owner-occupiers, who are looking to buy a property


who are looking to buy a property

Buying a property is probably one of the biggest commitments we make. So no risks can be taken here.

CrystalRoof can be of great help with your due diligence.

See if the area is right for you and make sure that any possible nuisances identified are not a problem for you.

Tenants, who are looking to rent a property


who are looking to rent a property

With rents eating up a significant part of income and minimum tenancies getting horrendously long, renting becomes a really big commitment.

It's easy to miss important nuisances at a viewing like aircraft noise, absence of grocery stores nearby or high crime rates in the area. Check the postcode first, so you know what to pay your attention to when viewing a property.