Noise pollution in SE28 0JA Thamesmead Moorings, Greenwich

Check the noise pollution levels for SE28 0JA.

We detail the traffic noise caused by road or rail congestion and aircraft noise from airports like London City and Heathrow.

Lastly, we’ll advise you of any other noise sources like hospital A&E, ambulance stations, fire stations, church bells and nightlife too.

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Aircraft Noise
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Aircraft Noise over SE28 0JA

Aircraft Noise on map, SE28 0JA

More about Aircraft Noise, SE28 0JA

The postcode is affected by aircraft noise coming from London City Airport operations.

The expected average noise level is 60 db.

London City Airport is a relatively small airport, operating on average 220 aircraft movements a day.

The airport is permitted to operate flights between the following hours:

  • 06.30 and 22.30 hours on weekdays
  • 06.30 and 13.00 hours on Saturdays
  • 12.30 and 22.30 on Sundays
  • 09.00 and 22.30 hours on Public or Bank Holidays
  • Full closure on 25 December

We recommend paying closer attention to this nuisance if you are noise-sensitive as constant exposure to aircraft noise could make life miserable.

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