Demographics of W1G 0JA West End, Westminster

Main ethnicity
White British – 48.8%
Immediate Area
Main religion
Christian – 42.4%
Immediate Area
Main household lifestage
35-54 years old – 36.9%
Immediate Area
Main household type
One-person Household
Immediate Area

Household Lifestage in W1G 0JA


Household Lifestage on map, W1G 0JA

More about Household Lifestage, W1G 0JA

London’s population by age is structured differently to the rest of England’s. London has a much higher proportion of its population in the age range 25 ‐ 34 than the rest of England.

The postcode W1G 0JA falls within the Immediate Area (your immediate neighbourhood) which has the following household lifestage peculiarities:

Predominant household lifestage is 35-54 years old, comprising 36.9% of the population. On average 43% of London population belong to 35-54 years old household lifestage.

Proportion of the following household lifestages is higher than average for London:

  • 55-64 years old comprise 19.6%, while average for London is 14%
Proportion of the rest of household lifestages (Under 35 years old, 35-54 years old, Over 65 years old) is typical to the average for London figures.

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