Perfect for renters, buyers and useful for property investors, CrystalRoof is a search tool designed to democratise access to property data. It does this by providing you with all the details you need to make informed decisions about the right area to buy or rent.

We believe that picking the right location is key to a successful home purchase: get it wrong and you will either be unhappy with where you live or face the costs of moving again.

CrystalRoof helps you decide if a property is in the right area for you by conducting an online research for various things, including demographics, affluence, crime rates, noise pollution, transport links, local schools and amenities, and even the quality of the air you and your family will be breathing. We are data-driven and seek to provide you with all the facts and figures available so you can be confident in your decision.

Many current search tools give general information about an area, but CrystalRoof is the only tool that provides information specific to property and its immediate surroundings within a given postcode, rather than looking at general trends in a larger area. Also the existing research tools are often expensive and difficult to navigate, while CrystalRoof provides an easy to use interface and all its current functions are free to use, so nobody is locked out. This is what we call “democratising of access to property data”.

We pride ourselves on our ethical approach and the integrity of the work we do. As a result, all our data is unbiased and comes from official, reliable sources. Where specific enough data is not available, we feed the available official data into highly accurate modelling methods to make sure we still provide the information you need.