Affluence by postcode, London

Here you can investigate the affluence for a local neighbourhood.

More detailed than just whether it’s considered an ‘expensive’ or ‘posh’ area, we look at several key factors to rank postcodes:

  • A high median household income
  • A high number of AB social grades
  • A low number of deprived households
  • A high number of Level 4+ qualifiers

Using our heatmaps and graphs you can compare any postcode with its ward, borough or wider city in terms of household income, social grade, deprivation, and qualification level.

Deprivation in by postcode, London?

Deprivation on map, London

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More about Deprivation, select location

Select a location to view how the local area compares by deprivation level across other local areas in London.

Index of Multiple Deprivation is used to characterise the deprivation levels of the neighbourhoods. It takes into account the following domains:

  • Income Deprivation
  • Employment Deprivation
  • Education, Skills and Training Deprivation
  • Health Deprivation and Disability
  • Crime
  • Barriers to Housing and Services
  • Living Environment Deprivation

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