Transport Links near Forest View, London, E4 7UA Chingford Green, Waltham Forest

Looking for transport links in Forest View, London, E4 7UA?

Check the distance of nearby transport stations, accessibility and service levels with our PTAL heatmaps and graphs. We rank public transport access from 0 (bad) to 6b (excellent)!

Closest Overground station
Chingford Rail Station
0.3 miles away
Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL)
Travel zone
Travel zone 5

Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL) for Forest View, London, E4 7UA

Public Transport Accessibility Level on map

More about Public Transport Accessibility Level in Forest View, London, E4 7UA

The address is situated within PTAL zone 2, while all together there are nine possible values of PTAL: 0, 1a, 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6a and 6b. Zero represents the worst and 6b represents the best connectivity.

PTAL is a measure of connectivity by public transport, which has been used in various planning processes in London for many years. For any selected place, PTAL suggests how well the place is connected to public transport services. It does not cover trips by car.

A location will have a higher PTAL if:

  • It is at a short walking distance to the nearest stations or stops
  • Waiting times at the nearest stations or stops are short
  • More services pass at the nearest stations or stops
  • There are major rail stations nearby
  • Any combination of all the above

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