Demographics of N17 0JA Northumberland Park, Haringey

Main ethnicity
Black – 44.1%
Immediate Area
Main religion
Christian – 58.6%
Immediate Area
Main household lifestage
35-54 years old – 48.3%
Immediate Area
Main household type
Married/Cohabiting Couple with Children
Immediate Area

Household Type in N17 0JA


Household Type on map, N17 0JA

More about Household Type, N17 0JA

One-person Household is the most common family type in London representing 32% of all families in London. Married/Cohabiting Couple without Children is second-largest family type comprising 26%, followed by Married/Cohabiting Couple with Children comprising 20%.

The postcode N17 0JA falls within the Immediate Area (your immediate neighbourhood) which has the following household type peculiarities:

Predominant household type is Married/Cohabiting Couple with Children, comprising 26.7% of the population. On average 20% of London population belong to Married/Cohabiting Couple with Children household type.

Proportion of the following household types is higher than average for London:

  • Married/Cohabiting Couple with Children comprise 26.7%, while average for London is 20%
  • Lone Parent with Children comprise 16.4%, while average for London is 10%
  • Lone Parent without Children comprise 8.6%, while average for London is 4.7%

Proportion of the following household types is lower than average for London:

  • One-person Household comprise 25.0%, while average for London is 32%
  • Married/Cohabiting Couple without Children comprise 19.0%, while average for London is 26%
  • Multi-person Household: Other comprise 3.4%, while average for London is 6.6%
Proportion of the rest of household types (Same Sex Couple, Multi-person Household: Full-time Students) is typical to the average for London figures.

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