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Here are the crime stats for Kerry Drive, Upminster, RM14 1JB.

Review the most common types of crime; be it anti-social behaviour, burglary, drugs etc.

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Crime Rates
27th highest value out of 33 boroughs in London*.
Crime Rates
Higher than in 32% of local areas in London
Local Area
Local Area
Most common crime types
Anti-social behaviour, Violence and sexual offences, Vehicle crime
Local Area
Local Area

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630 crimes occurred within 1 mile of Kerry Drive, Upminster, RM14 1JB over the last 12 months August 2019 - July 2020.

The breakdown by crime type is as follows:

NCrime typeCount
1.Anti-social behaviour288
2.Violence and sexual offences116
3.Vehicle crime63
5.Criminal damage and arson36
NCrime typeCount
7.Public order16
8.Other theft16
9.Other crime9
12.Bicycle theft1 licensed under Open Government Licence v3.0