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South Acton, Ealing

Area insights about South Acton Overground Station, London


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Area of average wealth 5/10

Deprived area

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Deprivation level 9/10

Professional occupations

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Average % of managerial, administrative, and professional occupations 6/10

Residents with degrees

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High % of residents are degree-educated or similar 7/10


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Low crime rate 3/10


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Main ethnic group
White British 23%
Main religion
Christian 31%
Main age band
Aged 20 to 39 39%
Main household type
One-person household 34%
Immediate area
Average for London


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Noise issues are identified

  • Rail Traffic Noise


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Average connectivity to public transport 4/9

Amenities within 0.5 miles

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Food stores 10+

  • Sainsbury's
    0.2 miles
  • Ocado Zoom
    0.2 miles
  • Sainsbury's
    0.5 miles


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Air quality

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Air quality meets EU standards

Resident reviews

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8.9 The area is very nice and quiet.…

Alper, Feb 1 2023

Southfield Road, W4 5LB

The area is very nice and quiet. Especially Southfield Recreation Park is a big chance to have.


8.3 Good area with good parks and a 10…

Paul Johnson, Jan 14 2023

Osborne Road, W3 8SY

Good area with good parks and a 10 min walk to Chiswick high road. Fantastic transport links with a 25min train journey to Piccadilly Circus and a 35 min train to Heathrow. Al...



Social Rented Sector Professional Support Workers (Smaller area)

Mainly located in Inner London, these neighbourhoods retain a diverse employment structure, with some concentration in associated professional and technical occupations rather than skilled trades or construction. Social renting is more common and levels of homeownership are low. Many residents identify as Black. There is a lower than average rate of marriage or civil partnership, few that are very old (85 or over) and higher than average incidence of disability.

The Greater London Mix (Wider area)

London remains much more diverse than much of the UK in terms of ethnicity and recent migration history. This Supergroup manifests diversity within neighbourhoods scattered throughout London. With some tendency towards singles living in flats.

A Supergroup embodying London’s diversity in many respects, apart from low numbers of residents identifying as of Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani or Other (non-Chinese) Asian ethnicity. There is lower than average prevalence of families with dependent children, while there are above average occurrences of never-married individuals and single-person households. The age distribution is skewed towards younger, single residents and couples without children, with many individuals identifying as of mixed or multiple ethnicity. Social rented or private rented housing is slightly more prevalent than average, and many residents live in flats. Individuals typically work in professional and associated roles in public administration, education or health rather than in elementary occupations in agriculture, energy, water, construction or manufacturing. Incidence of students is slightly below average. Individuals declaring no religion are more prevalent than average and non-use of English at home is below average.

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