12 important facts
New Addington South, Croydon

Area insights about King Henrys Drive, Croydon, CR0 0AB


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Low-income area 4/10

Deprived area

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Deprivation level 9/10

Professional occupations

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Low % of managerial, administrative, and professional occupations 4/10

Residents with degrees

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Low % of residents are degree-educated or similar 4/10


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Low crime rate 4/10


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Main ethnic group
White British 58%
Main religion
Christian 55%
Main age band
Aged under 20 29%
Main household type
Single-family: with dependent children 36%
Immediate area
Average for London


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No noise issues identified


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Average connectivity to public transport 4/9

Transport stations 1

Amenities within 0.5 miles

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No supermarkets

Food stores 2

  • Maxy Superstore
    0.2 miles
    Convenience store
  • Morrisons Daily
    0.2 miles
    Convenience store


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Air quality

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Air quality meets EU standards


Terraced and Semi-Detached Suburbs (Smaller area)

Mainly concentrated in suburban areas, these terraced and semi-detached developments are less overcrowded than the Supergroup average, and resident households are more likely to own two or more cars. There are fewer residents aged 25-44, and a larger share of residents employed in administrative and secretarial occupations. Residents are more likely to have been born in the UK, less likely to have been born in the EU or Africa, and much less likely to self-identify as Bangladeshi.

Young Families and Mainstream Employment (Wider area)

Family-oriented residents, concentrated in multi-ethnic neighbourhoods throughout most of London. Many residents identify as Black African and many families have children. Employment is across the labour market, apart from professional or managerial occupations.

Many families in these neighbourhoods have young children. Housing is principally in the social rented sector, in terraced or semi-detached units. While over-all residential densities are low, overcrowding is also prevalent locally. Residents are drawn from a range of ethnic minorities, with many identifying as Black and above average numbers born in Africa. Numbers identifying as of Chinese, Indian or White ethnicity are below average. Levels of proficiency in English are below average. Levels of separation or divorce and incidence of disability are both above average. Education is typically limited to Level 1, 2, or apprenticeship qualifications. Few residents work in professional or managerial occupations but the employment structure is otherwise diverse: it includes skilled trades, caring, leisure and other service occupations, sales and customer service occupations, construction, and work as process, plant, and machine operatives.

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