13 important facts
Little Ilford, Newham

Area insights about Gainsborough Avenue, London, E12 6JJ


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Low-income area 4/10

Deprived area

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Deprivation level 8/10

Professional occupations

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Low % of managerial, administrative, and professional occupations 2/10

Residents with degrees

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Low % of residents are degree-educated or similar 3/10


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Low crime rate 4/10


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Main ethnic group
Bangladeshi 20%
Main religion
Muslim 48%
Main age band
Aged 40 to 59 30%
Main household type
One-person household 33%
Immediate area
Average for London


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Noise issues are identified

  • Road Traffic Noise


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Poor connectivity to public transport 2/9

Amenities within 0.5 miles

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No supermarkets

Food stores 10+

  • General Food Store
    109 yards
    Convenience store
  • Nisa Today
    109 yards
    Convenience store
  • Smart Organic Foods Ltd
    0.1 miles
    Convenience store

Schools within 1 mile

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Air quality

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Air quality meets EU standards

Flood risk

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Flood risk is identified

Resident reviews

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7.8 light pollution is horrible. very…

Todger, Mar 4 2024

Loxford Road, IG11 8PX

light pollution is horrible. very bright. noise pollution is alright



Young Asian Family Terraces (Smaller area)

These households with dependent children typically live in terraced housing and are of (non-Chinese) Asian extraction. Individuals with Bangladeshi origins are particularly in evidence. Employment is often in elementary occupations or as process, plant or machine operatives, and part-time work is common. Students are much in evidence.

Suburban Asian Communities (Wider area)

London neighbourhoods featuring Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi influences, with family-focused living in houses rather than flats. Outside of management and the professions, the labour force is very active across a full range of occupations, but some residents may remain challenged by language barriers and overcrowding.

Many residents of these neighbourhoods are of (non-Chinese) Asian descent, with many identifying as Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi. Neighbourhoods are located across large areas of suburban west, north-east and south London. Detached, semi-detached and terraced houses are more prevalent than flats and socially rented housing is uncommon. Few residents live in communal establishments. Many families have dependent children, sometimes in overcrowded accommodation, and few households are ethnically mixed. Marriage rates are above the London average. The even age distribution, relative absence of individuals living alone and frequent incidence of households with children suggests that multi-generation households may be relatively common. Employment is often in skilled trades, elementary, sales and customer service occupations, and roles as process, plant, and machine operatives. Manufacturing and construction are well represented, along with employment in distribution, hotels, and restaurants. Many adults have only level 1, 2, or apprenticeship qualifications. English is not used at home by some residents. Religious affiliation is above average.

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