Regent's Park, Camden

Area insights about Barnby Street, London, NW1 1AA


Good transport links
  • London Euston Rail Station - 0.2 miles
  • London Euston Rail Station - 0.2 miles
  • Euston Underground Station - 0.2 miles
  • Mornington Crescent Underground Station - 0.3 miles
And 12 more transport stations found within 1 mile
8 supermarkets and more than 10 grocery stores within 0.5 miles
  • Marks & Spencer Simply Food - 0.2 miles
  • Marks & Spencer Simply Food - 0.2 miles
  • Sainsbury’s Supermarket - 0.2 miles
  • Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd - 0.3 miles
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5 'Outstanding' primary schools within 1 mile
  • Richard Cobden Primary School - 0.3 miles
  • Abacus Belsize Primary School - 0.5 miles
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2 'Outstanding' secondary schools within 1 mile
  • The St Marylebone CofE School - 0.9 miles
  • Elizabeth Garrett Anderson School - 1.0 miles
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2 'Good' 16+ schools within 1 mile
  • The Working Men's College - 0.3 miles
  • The Mary Ward Centre (AE Centre) - 0.9 miles
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Things to have a closer look at

Low-income area
More wealthy than just 12% of local areas in London
High crime rates
Crime rates are higher than in 97% of local areas in London
Air quality doesn’t meet EU standards
Noise issues are identified
  • Road Traffic Noise
  • Rail Traffic Noise


Main ethnic group is White British - 26.3%, London average is 45%

Higher than London average: Other White, Bangladeshi, Chinese

Lower than London average: White British, Indian, Pakistani, Black

Main religion is Religion Not Stated - 27.7%, London average is 8.5%

Higher than London average: Muslim, Religion Not Stated

Lower than London average: Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh

Main household lifestage is Under 35 years old - 44.4%, London average is 24%

Higher than London average: Under 35 years old

Lower than London average: 35-54 years old, 55-64 years old, Over 65 years old

Main household type is One-person Household - 45.4%, London average is 32%

Higher than London average: One-person Household, Same Sex Couple, Multi-person Household: Full-time Students

Lower than London average: Married/Cohabiting Couple with Children, Lone Parent with Children


Graduation occupation (Smaller area)
The residents of these areas are likely to be recent graduates who are employed in the communications, scientific and technical sectors. Pre 2001 EU countries are well represented, and travel to work on foot or by bicycle is more common than average for London
City Vibe (Wider area)
There are many young, single professionals in this Super Group, living in Zone 2 of the London travel network. Compared to the London average, few individuals originate from the Indian sub-continent, but Mixed ethnic groups are well represented, as are migrants from pre 2001 EU countries. A large number of households comprise full time students in shared or communal establishments. Individuals rent within the private sector, are well qualified and are employed in a range of professional, scientific and technical occupations.

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  • London, NW1 0WE

Source: London Datastore