Overview of Bridgwater Road, Romford, RM3 7UA Gooshays, Havering

Location of Bridgwater Road, Romford, RM3 7UA

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According to London Output Area classification (LOAC) the address Bridgwater Road, Romford, RM3 7UA is situated within the territory that can be classified as follows:
Super GroupIntermediate LifestylesMore
GroupSuburban localitiesMore
The address Bridgwater Road, Romford, RM3 7UA is situated within the following areas which will be further used in the Report. The areas are sorted by level of granularity starting with the largest:
PostcodeRM3 7UA
StreetBridgwater Road
Coordinates51.608333, 0.218309

LOAC, London Output Area classification

Intermediate Lifestyles (Super Group)
Although exhibiting no over-arching discriminating characteristics, households in this Super-Group are predominantly in later stages in life-cycle, and are predominantly White and born in the UK. Rather few households have dependent children and most live in single family terraced or semi detached properties. Households that rent their properties do so in the social rented sector. Employment levels are average for London, and are split between full and part time working in a range of intermediate occupations. Levels of highest qualifications are below the London average.
Suburban localities (Group)
This group is predominantly comprised of White residents living in neighbourhoods that are part of a local labour market that may extend outside the Greater London area. Semi-detached housing is quite common and is predominantly owneroccupied. Households are heavily reliant upon private transport.

About London Output Area classification

The ability to understand the characteristics of an area and its population is crucial to decision making. At a time of constrained finances across all sectors of service delivery, getting resource allocation right is of paramount importance. Of equal concern are the costs associated with acquiring the evidence needed to make those informed decisions. This is where the newly launched London Output Area Classification (LOAC) comes into its own.

As an open source geospatial classification, the LOAC uses a combination of over 60 Census variables to classify every single small area in London within a hierarchical structure.

Attributed to UCL on behalf of GLA, used under CC BY