Mawneys, Havering

Area insights about Lowshoe Lane, Romford, RM5 2AA


Air quality meets EU standards
No noise issues identified
2 supermarkets and more than 10 grocery stores within 0.5 miles
  • Tesco - 0.1 miles
  • Aldi - 0.1 miles
  • Collier Row Supermarket - 0.1 miles
  • Mary-John's Quality Butchers - 0.1 miles
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Area of average wealth
Household income is higher than in 34% of immediate areas in London
Average transport links
  • Romford Rail Station - 1.8 miles
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9 'Good' primary schools within 1 mile
  • St Patrick's Catholic Primary School - 0.2 miles
  • Clockhouse Primary School - 0.4 miles
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1 'Good' secondary school within 1 mile
  • Bower Park Academy - 1.0 miles
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Things to have a closer look at

High crime rates
Crime rates are higher than in 85% of local areas in London
No 'Outstanding' or 'Good' 16+ schools within 1 mile


Main ethnic group is White British - 83.9%, London average is 45%

Higher than London average: White British

Lower than London average: Other White, Mixed, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Other Asian, Black, Arab, Other

Main religion is Christian - 66.0%, London average is 48.4%

Higher than London average: Christian

Lower than London average: Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh

Main household lifestage is Over 65 years old - 37.9%, London average is 19%

Higher than London average: Over 65 years old

Lower than London average: Under 35 years old, 35-54 years old

Main household type is Married/Cohabiting Couple without Children - 40.2%, London average is 26%

Higher than London average: Married/Cohabiting Couple without Children

Lower than London average: Lone Parent with Children, Lone Parent without Children, Multi-person Household: Other


Not quite Home Counties (Smaller area)
This group is found along the borders of Greater London. Employment is in primary industry and public administration. Semi-detached properties are more common than the London average.
Ageing City Fringe (Wider area)
Many of the residents in this Super Group are over 45, and many are above state pensionable age. There are high levels of marriage and established White residents are very much in evidence. By contrast, representation of ethnic minorities and EU migrants is very low, relative to the London average. Much of the dwelling stock comprises semi-detached and detached houses, occupied at low residential densities. Levels of qualifications are low, as might be expected for these age cohorts. Private vehicle ownership is high, with some households possessing two or more vehicles. Levels of unemployment are very low. Employment is drawn from a range of sectors and this is the only Super Group in which agriculture is an important source of employment.

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Source: London Datastore