Botwell, Hillingdon

Area insights about Uxbridge, UB11 1AA


Air quality meets EU standards


Average transport links
  • Hayes & Harlington Rail Station - 1.2 miles
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4 grocery stores and no supermarkets within 0.5 miles
  • Greggs - 2 yards
  • WH Smith - 2 yards
  • UR Local - 0.4 miles
  • Costcutter - 0.4 miles
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4 'Good' primary schools within 1 mile
  • Wood End Park Academy - 0.4 miles
  • Lake Farm Park Academy - 0.8 miles
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2 'Good' secondary schools within 1 mile
  • Rosedale College - 0.8 miles
  • The Global Academy - 0.9 miles
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Things to have a closer look at

Low-income area
More wealthy than just 10% of local areas in London
High crime rates
Crime rates are higher than in 74% of local areas in London
Noise issues are identified
  • Road Traffic Noise
No 'Outstanding' or 'Good' 16+ schools within 1 mile


Main ethnic group is White British - 36.4%, London average is 45%

Higher than London average: White Irish, Indian, Pakistani, Other Asian

Lower than London average: White British, Other White, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Other

Main religion is Christian - 45.0%, London average is 48.4%

Higher than London average: Muslim, Sikh

Lower than London average: Jewish, No Religion, Religion Not Stated

Main household lifestage is 35-54 years old - 52.0%, London average is 43%

Higher than London average: 35-54 years old

Lower than London average: Under 35 years old

Main household type is Married/Cohabiting Couple without Children - 32.8%, London average is 26%

Higher than London average: Married/Cohabiting Couple with Children, Married/Cohabiting Couple without Children

Lower than London average: One-person Household, Multi-person Household: Other


Asian owner occupiers (Smaller area)
These neighbourhoods are characterised by a very high incidence of semi-detached and terraced houses, by average levels of full- and part-time employment, and employment in a range of blue-collar occupations.
Settled Asians (Wider area)
This Super Group lives in traditional single-family houses, above average numbers of which are owner-occupied. Although drawn from the full age range of London residents, the main language spoken in many households is not English. Those in employment have occupations drawn from a wide range of non-professional sectors. Members of this Super Group identify themselves with their Asian origins, although many are second or subsequent generation British residents.

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Source: London Datastore