Dormers Wells, Ealing

Area insights about Fleming Road, Southall, UB1 3AA


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Low-income area 1/10

Deprived area

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Deprivation level 8/10

Low crime rates 3/10


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Main ethnic group
Main religion
Main household lifestage
Over 65 years old39%19%
Main household type
One-person Household41%32%
Immediate area
Average for London


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Noise issues are identified

  • Road Traffic Noise


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Average connectivity to public transport 4/9

Transport stations 2

Hanwell 0.9 miles

Hanwell 0.9 miles

Amenities within 0.5 miles

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No supermarkets

Food stores 7

  • 5 Star Superstore
    100 yards
    Grocery store
  • Safeway Express
    136 yards
    Grocery store
  • Kings Pharmacy
    159 yards
    Grocery store

Schools within 1 mile

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Primary Schools 12

Mayfield Primary School 0.4 miles


Allenby Primary School 0.4 miles


Secondary Schools 4

The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School 0.5 miles


Drayton Manor High School 0.9 miles


Air quality

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Air quality meets EU standards


Public sector and service employees (Smaller area)

Many households in this Group rent within the social housing sector. Unemployment is higher than the London average and most employment is found in services such as transport and health care.

Multi-Ethnic Suburbs (Wider area)

Members of this Super Group are drawn from a wide range of non-White ethnic groups and White groups are less represented than average for London. Citizens of countries that joined the EU post 2001 are well represented. Many households have young children or children of school age, and the over 65s are not much in evidence. There is above average incidence of family housing in overcrowded terraces, much of it rented within the social housing sector. Levels of unemployment are high. Employment is mainly found in blue collar occupations.

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