Southall Green, Ealing

Area insights about Resham Close, Southall, UB2 5DW


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Low-income area 1/10

Average crime rates 4/10


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Main ethnic group
Main religion
Main household lifestage
35-54 years old42%43%
Main household type
Couple without Children34%26%
Immediate area
Average for London


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No noise issues identified


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Poor connectivity to public transport 2/9

Transport stations 2

Southall 0.8 miles

Southall 0.8 miles

Amenities within 0.5 miles

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Food stores 10+

  • Tesco Stores Ltd (Main Store)
    0.4 miles
  • Jas Food & Wine
    109 yards
    Grocery store
  • Gelda Scientific
    0.1 miles
    Grocery store

Schools within 1 mile

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Primary Schools 15

Featherstone Primary and Nursery School 0.2 miles


Nanaksar Primary School 0.5 miles


Secondary Schools 2

Featherstone High School 0.4 miles


Guru Nanak Sikh Academy 0.5 miles


Air quality

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Air quality meets EU standards


Transport service workers (Smaller area)

Principally but not exclusively occurring in the environs of Heathrow Airport, employment in these neighbourhoods is focused on catering, manufacturing and other airport-related services, as well as other local services. Young families typically live in semi-detached houses and there is a particularly high incidence of households in which English is not the first language.

Settled Asians (Wider area)

This Super Group lives in traditional single-family houses, above average numbers of which are owner-occupied. Although drawn from the full age range of London residents, the main language spoken in many households is not English. Those in employment have occupations drawn from a wide range of non-professional sectors. Members of this Super Group identify themselves with their Asian origins, although many are second or subsequent generation British residents.

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