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Cockfosters, Enfield

Area insights about Hadley Wood National Rail Station, Barnet


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Area of average wealth 7/10

Non-deprived area

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Deprivation level 2/10

Professional occupations

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High % of managerial, administrative, and professional occupations 7/10

Residents with degrees

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High % of residents are degree-educated or similar 7/10


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Low crime rate 2/10


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Main ethnic group
White British 59%
Main religion
Christian 50%
Main age band
Aged 40 to 59 29%
Main household type
One-person household 28%
Immediate area
Average for London


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Noise issues are identified

  • Rail Traffic Noise
  • Road Traffic Noise


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Poor connectivity to public transport 3/9

Transport stations 1

Amenities within 0.5 miles

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No supermarkets

Food stores 1

  • Londis
    132 yards
    Convenience store

Schools within 1 mile

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Air quality

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Air quality meets EU standards

Resident reviews

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8.3Beautiful countryside style location

Angela, Dec 21 2022

Lancaster Avenue, EN4 0EP

A beautiful area on the outskirts of London. A perfect place for my family to be tucked away in a great, scenic neighbourhood. My wife and I love the countryside and this neig...



Professional Periphery (Smaller area)

These neighbourhoods predominantly house residents aged 45+, with many aged 85+. Most employed residents work in senior roles, and relatively few work in unskilled jobs. Terraced housing is comparatively rare, but communal living is more common. More residents identify as of Indian ethnicity and more affiliate with non-Christian religions. Disability levels are below the Supergroup average.

Older Residents in Owner-Occupied Suburbs (Wider area)

Outer London neighbourhoods mainly comprising White, UK-born owner-occupiers living in detached or semi-detached houses.

The age distribution of these neighbourhoods is skewed towards the middle-aged and old, although few residents live alone or in communal establishments and numbers of dependent children are around average. Owner occupation is the norm, as is residence in detached or semi-detached houses. Residential densities are low and many households have spare rooms. Most residents were born in the UK and, aside from some identifying as members of Chinese or Indian ethnicities, identify as White. Mixed ethnicity households are rare. Incidence of married couples is higher than average and few individuals have never been married. A large proportion of individuals still in employment work in administrative and secretarial occupations, or in the construction industry. Few residents are students, and many households own more than one car.

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