13 important facts
Regent's Park, Westminster

Area insights about Marylebone Underground Station, London


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Wealthy area 8/10

Non-deprived area

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Deprivation level 4/10

Professional occupations

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High % of managerial, administrative, and professional occupations 9/10

Residents with degrees

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High % of residents are degree-educated or similar 10/10


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Average crime rate 6/10


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Main ethnic group
White British 44%
Main religion
No Religion 40%
Main age band
Aged 20 to 39 44%
Main household type
One-person household 43%
Immediate area
Average for London


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Noise issues are identified

  • Road Traffic Noise


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Good connectivity to public transport 9/9

Amenities within 0.5 miles

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Food stores 10+

  • Marks And Spencer - Simply Food
    128 yards
  • Tesco
    0.1 miles
  • Tesco
    0.2 miles


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Air quality

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Air quality doesn’t meet EU standards

Resident reviews

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7.5Quite busy

Modupe, Mar 24 2023

Edgware Road, W2 2QG

Quite busy. Close to Hyde Park and other tourist destinations. Lots of transport links. Not far from Paddington station. Multicultural. Lots of restaurants (including Middle E...


6.1A concentrated outlet of Middle East in London

Bobo, Jun 3 2024

Edgware Road, W2 2QS

This street diverges from the typical London scene, replacing pubs and Greggs with kebabs and shishas, and the usual quiet with a lively buzz that lasts all night. Here, Arabi...



European Enclaves (Smaller area)

Many residents of these accessible neighbourhoods have wide-ranging non-UK European origins. Typically residing in privately rented flats, many residents live alone and are beyond normal retirement age. There are more students than elsewhere in the Supergroup, some of which live in communal establishments. Household residents are often drawn from different ethnic groups.

Professional Employment and Family Lifecycles (Wider area)

These London neighbourhood residents are predominantly White, educated and secular. Many are employed in professional occupations and live in owned or private rented sector terraced houses.

These neighbourhoods house people of all ages, predominantly of White British or European extraction. Resident turnover is low. Religious affiliation is less common than average and tends to be Christian if expressed. Homeownership, typically of terraced houses, is common but use of the social rented sector is not. Employment is typically in professional, managerial and associate professional or technical occupations. There are few full-time students. Level 4 qualifications are common. More households lack dependent children than have them which, considered alongside low levels of crowding and over-all age structure, indicates that many households may be post child-rearing and in late middle age. Incidence of disability is low, as is residence in communal establishments.

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