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St Edward's, Havering

Ethnic Makeup near Romford National Rail Station, Romford

Main ethnicity

White British35%37%

Higher than average

Other White22%15%
Black African16%8%

Lower than average

White Irish0.4%1.8%
Other Asian1.3%5%
Immediate area
Average for London

Ethnic Makeup

White British 35%
Other White 22%
Black African 16%
Mixed 8%
Indian 5%
Black Caribbean 4%
Pakistani 2.6%
Bangladeshi 2.6%
Other 2.4%
Other Asian 1.3%
Other Black 1.1%
Chinese 0.9%
Arab 0.6%
White Irish 0.4%
Gypsy 0%
Roma 0%

Data source: Office for National Statistics

Census 2021

The address Romford National Rail Station, Romford is situated within the Immediate Area, which displays distinctive ethnic group characteristics:

The main ethnic group is White British, representing 35% of the population. On average, 37% of the population in London belong to the White British ethnic group.

The following ethnic groups have proportions higher than the average for the London:

  • Other White: 22% (London average: 15%)
  • Black African: 16% (London average: 8%)

Conversely, the following ethnic groups have a proportion lower than the average for London:

  • White Irish: 0.4% (London average: 1.8%)
  • Indian: 5% (London average: 7%)
  • Other Asian: 1.3% (London average: 5%)
  • Other: 2.4% (London average: 5%)

Office for National Statistics licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0

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